Custom software and dynamic website development using FileMaker, Lasso, and MySQL


After building databases, then integrating them with websites, and being involved in the technology industry in one form or another for the past 20 years, I've finally put up my own company's web site. The delay wasn't due to a lack of time or reason, it just seemed that after participating in the creation of so many great websites it would be impossible to build a site exemplary of all the things I know a web site can do and be.

Then I remembered what someone told me when I first got interested in working with the Web, 'Most web sites are just glorified business cards.' That was a long, long time ago, as far as the Internet goes. These days websites can be so much more than an address, phone number, and logo. With interactive portfolios, virtual shopping carts, help desk forums, community-driven encyclopedias, catalogs of anything and everything that can (or even shouldn't) be categorized. All this stuff makes up the rich environment that we find on the Internet, and it's become my passion helping people figure out how to organize their information, and when it's time, bring it to the Web.

Now that I'm finally building my own company to share this passion, I find myself beginning with the comment that got me started. So for now, welcome to our glorified business card.

- Maxwell Klein, CEO & Developer